Let's celebrate SUHO's 28th birthday together!
We are asking for your participation in the upcoming event :)



01 .

Gifts and letters for SUHO


-Please send me an E-mail following the format below:
[ your name / the content of the present ]

E-mail address : happy0522day@gmail.com

-Please be aware that any food items will not be accepted.

-Please do not wrap your gifts when do sending to me. (will be gift wrapped together :)

-Don't forget to include tags/indication of your name with the gifts.

-non-members are also welcomed to participate in this event!


For the inquires  : 18.04.15 ~ 18.05.06
The gifts must arrive until 2018.05.13


*We can not deliver any gifts arrive after this date.



02 .

message for SUHO


Please leave your messages on the 'for SUHO' board on the SNOWFLAKE BOY website by May 14

All the messages will be combined and printed as a book to be delivered to SUHO.


- press 'message' on the menu and it will direct you to the board.


※ inappropriate messages to delivered will be deleted so please be careful and gentle with the use of language.



03 .

Birthday Advertisement

Details will be updated to the 'EVENT' menu soon. Please check later :)